RPCVs for Env Action -Virtual Earth Day @50 - Day Three

24 Apr 2020 (All Day)

On Friday, April 24, individuals and groups will focus on escalated actions targeting elected officials, with a demand that the climate crisis is addressed urgently. As the finale of the three days of climate action, a central focus of the day is on voter registration, with an ask that eligible voters register to vote and pledge to use their voice and vote in 2020.

Led by a diverse coalition of youth-led and adult-led organizations, the strike coalition is shuttling us into a new era of climate action across the world. We are training, expanding, and strengthening in preparation to carry this momentum through 2020, and beyond, to ensure real, bold action is taken to address the climate crisis.

Go to Strike With Us to find or organize an action in your community.

24 Apr 2020 (All Day)

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