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Rotary Club of Tarawa, Kiribati

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Thank you for joining the July 12 event of Anote's Ark movie with Q&A panel, highlighting the challenges faced by the people of Kiribati. As promised, that entire ticket purchase of $5 goes to the Rotary Club of Tarawa, Kiribati, in support of community projects. Will you consider an additional donation to the Rotary Club to support those projects?

The Club is working on a number of projects and initiatives for the community to develop new skills and gain access to opportunities that build on self-reliance pathways through small business and community hygiene. We have identified two that are especially important.

One project is Sew Easy, who partners with Sewaid International to train women in advanced sewing skills so that they can make money by sewing in order to provide for their families. The women receive ongoing support to access facilities and resources needed to sew.

Another is the Community Toilet Builds. These funds will go towards a sanitation program to combat open defecation and provide a dignified and hygienic solution to 5 communities ... impacting 47 families. The Ueen Tabito community applied for this community project. A volleyball court is in front of their first such building that holds three toilets and one community shower for anyone in their community to use. They charge 30 cents to use the shower and 10 cents to use the toilet. Each family in the community takes care of the building on a rotating basis and receives the collected funds for their week.



 "Since we've had this building, it seems the community has become stronger, and in many ways closer."

Funded: $350.00
Goal: $1,000.00